Burning Regulations

The Sechelt Fire Department is responsible for fire safety within the District of Sechelt and the Sechelt Indian Government District. To this end we regulate only the fire safety aspect of burning within these two areas.  The smoke release from these fires are regulated and enforced by other authorities. To follow is a summary of what types of fires there are, what burning is allowed and in what area, what permits are required and who enforces what aspect of the burn.Campfires: Campfires are fires for cooking, warmth or for ceremonial purposes. They are not a fire to burn rubbish and or branches in your back yard. A campfire is typically used as a wiener or marshmallow roast fire. They are also smaller in size, typically not more than three feet across at the base. Campfires are allowed year round within the Sechelt Fire Protection District unless the fire department issues a total burn ban. A burn ban is likely over the summer months but some years, when the weather is wetter, campfires are not banned. The fire department enforces campfires by banning them when necessary and by responding to reports of illegal and /or dangerous campfires.

Back yard burning within the District of Sechelt: Back yard burning is the open burning of waste material such as branches and yard trimmings. Until recently back yard burning was not permitted by the District of Sechelt becuse of numerous smoke complaints. However there is now a two week opportunity to burn your back yard debris within the District of Sechelt. This time period is typically between October 15th and October 31st, subject to weather conditions.

Details on set back requirements for back yard burns are available from the District of Sechelt website. Any complaints in regard to back yard burning should be directed to the District of Sechelt Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Back yard burning within the Sechelt Band Lands: Back yard burning is the open burning of waste material such as branches and yard trimmings. Currently this is permitted between October 15th and April 15th each year, weather permitting.

Land clearing burning: Is the burning of vegetative debris as the result of land clearing. These are larger fires that are typically stacked by a machine. Land clearing burning is NOT allowed within the District of Sechelt.

Within the Sechelt Band lands land clearing burning IS permitted under numerous environmental (smoke release) restrictions. The Sechelt Fire Department plays a significant role by issuing a fire safety permit for these fires subject to the applicant being able to comply to the more stringent environmental rules.

The Local Conservation Officer is the enforcement person for any smoke complaints resulting from land clearing type fires.