About Us

The Sechelt Fire Department has been in operation in various forms for approximately 75 years.

Sechelt Volunteer Fire Department

Officially formed in 1945 it was established again in 1966 under letters patent of an Improvement District called the Sechelt Fire Protection District.

The department provides Fire Protection to two distinct areas, the District of Sechelt and the Sechelt Indian Government District.

The District of Sechelt (DOS) is home to approximately 11,000 people spread amongst 4,830 hectares, within eight local communities.

The Sechelt Indian Government District (SIGD) is still one of the only Native groups in Canada to obtain self government and is home to approx 1,300 people. They are by all accounts a very progressive and modern Indian Band.

Overseeing the Improvement District is a Board of Trustees. They are a publicly elected, 5 member Board that has taxing authority over the properties within the fire district. As mentioned the Board has established the Fire Department headed by a Fire Chief. The Chief administers several staff that support the Volunteer Officers and Firefighters.

From all accounts we are a bit unique given the fact that we are a self governing local Improvement District that provide these services to two unique and separate forms of local government. We also have fire suppression agreements with a third and fourth level of government, namely the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) and the Ministry of Forests (Province of BC).

The full range of fire protection services provided by the Fire Department includes: The Sechelt Fire Department’s fire fighting equipment includes:
  • fire and rescue operations
  • training
  • fire safety inspections
  • fire investigations
  • bylaw enforcement as it relates to fire protection
  • public education
  • public relations
  • 4 Small Command / Utility Vehicles
  • 1 Rescue and Support Vehicle
  • 2 Fully Rated Triple Combination Pumpers.
  • 1 Water Tender (1600 gal)
  • 1 Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) Mini Pumper
  • 1 Reserve Pumper

These services are provided from a single Station centrally located 5525 Trail Avenue in downtown Sechelt.

Firefighters are dispatched through a Regional/GVRD 911 system that is located in Vancouver at the E-Comm building on West Hastings St.

The Sechelt Fire Department assists with incidents, as required, under Mutual and Automatic Aid agreements that are in place with the Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Halfmoon Bay and Pender Harbor Fire Departments.

Department Structure

The Sechelt Fire Department has a long and proud history of volunteer service and remained fully volunteer until 1992 when the first full time employee was hired. This volunteer commitment is still alive and well and will continue well into the future. However, in as much as all of the fire fighting is done on a volunteer basis there is the time consuming and never ending job of running the administrative side of things. This unfortunately can not be maintained on a volunteer basis, so the department employees several staff people to handle these key fire protection elements. They are as follows:

Fire Chief

Trevor Pike CFO, LAFC. The Fire Chief is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of the fire department including but not limited to: administration, operations, training, prevention, inspection, investigation, public education, public relations, recruitment and all other duties required to provide this service to the public.

Assistant Fire Chief

Dwight Davison, LAFC: The Assistant Fire Chief is responsible for all aspects of fire department training, operations and apparatus/equipment maintenance.

Fire Prevention Officer

Matt Gilroy, LAFC:  The Fire Prevention Officer is responsible for Fire Prevention. This job entails plan and development review, pre-plan development, managing the inspection program, conducting some fire inspections,  fire investigation and public education sessions.

Fire Prevention Inspector

Steven Achterberg, LAFC: Steven is the Fire Prevention Inspector and spends most of his days conducting fire inspections, fire investigations and public education sessions.

Executive Assistant

Brenda Poole: Brenda is responsible for all aspects of accounting, finance and reception . She is also one of our auxiliary firefighters.