Fire Safety

Fire Safety is an important issue for all of us. Residential fires are responsible for a tragic number of deaths, injuries and millions of dollars in property damage and health care costs annually. Fire is devastating and so final. Most people will never face a major fire but don’t think it will never happen to you!

Statistics show that your life will be affected by fire three times, either through personal experience or the experiences of family and friends. Tragedy can be prevented by awareness and vigilance.

Home Escape Plans

Do you have an emergency home escape plan in case of a fire? If you don’t you should make one with your family. If you do have one, make sure that you practice your escape plan so that you are well prepared in case of a fire.

Household Safety

Is your house safe? How many smoke alarms should I have in my house? What is carbon monoxide?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the Household Safety area of the Fire Safety section. Learn not only how many smoke alarms to have, but where and how to put them in place. Check the Room To Room Safety in order to prevent fires from starting in your house.

Fire Safety Checklist

Are you fire Safe? Go through the list and make sure that you are aware of ALL the fire hazards around you! You should probably get your parents and the rest of your family — that way your whole family will be safe.