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Home Insurance Fire Protection Questions

When renewing house insurance the insurance company usually wants to know how far the house is from the Fire Station, if there are fire hydrants near the home and what kind of Fire Department we have here…

  • To find how far you live from the Fire Hall simply reset your car’s trip meter to zero and drive to the Fire Station. If you don’t have a car just give us a call and tell us your civic address and we will be happy to give you a rough idea from our maps. Insurance companies will give properties a better rate if they are within 5 miles or 8 kilometers from a Fire Hall.
  • Most properties in the Sechelt Fire Protection District are what is called “hydrant protected” this means that you have a fire hydrant within 1000 ft of your home. If this is the case, your insurance company may give you a better rate on your fire insurance.
  • The Sechelt Fire Department is what is called a “composite” Fire Department. This means that there is a blend of career and volunteer members. This should also make a difference to your insurance company when they determine your insurance rate.
The Sechelt Fire Department with direction from our Board of Trustees, has worked long and hard to obtain an excellent insurance grading. This “grading” is the main piece of information that insurance companies use to determine your insurance rate. There are two ratings that you need to be aware of. One is for residential properties and the other for commercial properties.
For your home, we currently have the best rating possible for a composite Fire Department, at 3A and 3B.
If you have a commercial property to insure the class for commercial property is Class 5. We are proud to say that this rate is enjoyed by just a handful of like sized communities in BC.

Our suggestion is to quiz your insurance company to ensure that they are recognizing these service levels and that it is reflected in your premiums. If they don’t, you may want to shop around for someone that does…


What to do when an insurance company requests a wood stove inspection

This is not a service that the Fire Department provides but to answer your question, what you can do is have a W.E.T.T. certified technician come in and conduct a survey on your stove. W.E.T.T. technicians are usually professional chimney sweeps that have met a level of training that is acceptable to the insurance companies. The reports that they issue and their work is recognized by insurance companies. W.E.T.T. certified technicians can be found in the yellow pages under “Chimney Sweeps” and then look for the stylized W.E.T.T. symbol.

For new installations, a permit is required and can be obtained through the District of Sechelt Building Inspection Department. A W.E.T.T. certified installer can help you with the installation of a new woodstove as well.

Please, Please, Please do not install a wood stove without the proper safeguards in place. You and your family’s safety (as well as all your property) could be as stake so make sure you play by the rules when it comes to this!

If you wish, you can stop by the fire station and we will gladly give you a copy of the guide to solid wood appliances. This is a good book that has the common clearances and other helpful tips on woodstove use and installation.